Yogarden May 10th Music Festival!


Yogarden Music Festival

Check out the LINE UP this year’s Yogarden Music Festival on May 10th!

Yoga Schedule


Live Music Vinyasa w/ Brigitte Synder
Treat your body and soul to a morning of flowing movement and joyful music.  Join us for this celebration of yoga and life.

11am-12:00pmJess Apron copy
Nutrition Class w/ Jessica Quinn
Jessica will be offering an hour long workshop covering elements of conscious nutrition, such as alkalinity/acidity, food combining, and the basics of Ayurveda.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.15.23 PM12:15pm-1:15pm
Move Your Asana w/ Leah Distad
Come ready to move, sweat, cleanse, and feel ALIVE in thei fun hour class.  Leah will offer a fun playlist of music to move your groove to.

1:30-2:30pmIMG_5972 - Version 2
Acro Yoga for Beginners w/ Kai Hinson and Sean Anderson
Up, up and away! Come learn to fly in this fun partner yoga class. No previous experience required! We will start with a short yoga practice to prepare your body for new heights before take off. Laughter, fun, and safety are the goals for this class.

dulceneaAshtanga 101 w/ Dulcinea Tincher
Join Dulcinea for practice in the essentials of Ashtanga . In this practice we will bring , awareness to the three bandahs , (energy locks) ujjayi  breathing (ocean breath) and dristi (focal points) . The practice will be a gentle, yet strong , flow with focus on breath-by-breath movement and coming back to the mountain (foundation) of each pose and each moment of the practice . Hands-on adjustments and a little aromatherapy (essential oils) will be included to deepen the full Ashtanga experience.

Yin & Flow w/ Nina Beatty
A beautiful BALANCE of two very different practices. The class will begin with 30 minutes of Yin Yoga- slow, deep, longer held postures where we surrender to gravity, stillness and breath. Followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow- mindful movements linked with breath. A perfect practice any time of day.

Heidi Head Shot for OSY copy5:15pm-6:15pm
Twisting for Detox w/ Heidi Hopkins
Twisting plays a vital role in maintaining our health. The twisting motion is important because it incorporates so many central points of the body. Yoga twists require the work of the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, spine, neck, shoulders and pelvis. Each twist improves the strength and flexibility in all of these areas. Twisting provides two distinct and essential benefits; the reduction of low back pain as well as detoxifying and cleansing the organs and tissues.

This class will flow with an emphasis on twisting. Hips, shoulders and the low back will also be addressed. Great yogis say we are only as young as our spine. Treat yourself to a detoxifying hour of movement, alignment and meditation.

Gardening Schedule


11am-12:00pmScreen Shot 2014-03-30 at 11.04.00 PM
An Introduction to Permaculture w/ Matthew Lynch
Permaculture is a robust systems-thinking approach to designing solutions for the most pressing challenges of our time.  Gain an introduction to this design system in a fun, interactive workshop, and learn more about the 2-week intensive Permaculture Design Course Green Rows Farm will host this summer.

Drew_share seeds copy12:15pm-1:15pm
The Basics of Grafting Avocado & Citrus Trees w/ Drew Wilkinson
Drew Wilkinson will guide you through the basics of grafting from start to finish.  We will explore plant anatomy, the grafting process,  and how to care for the plant after it’s been grafted. Hands on practice along with a take home handout will give you the knowledge to create an abundance of food for the future.

Food Forest Basics and Seed Saving w/ Tia Silvasy
Learn how to create a design for a food forest and the science of building guilds the right way using the concepts of permaculture. Permaculture means “permanent agriculture” and aims to create low maintenance, high-yield agroforestry systems. We’ll take a holistic approach to meeting needs of food forest systems while preserving and even restoring our natural environment.

Everything you never knew about Bananas w/ Gabe Sachter Smith
If you’ve only been growing bananas for their fruit, you’re really missing out. Explore the vast and multifaceted uses of one of the most handy plants in the home garden. Learn all the different ways to use banana plants for food, beverage, fodder, cordage, medicine, kitchen appliances, paper, art supplies, and more. Also learn the basics of banana plant care to get the most out of your backyard bananas, including: site selection and prep, soil nutrient management, pruning, rotations, harvesting techniques, and companion planting.

Backyard Chickens: 101 w/ Kai Hinson & Sean Anderson
The basics of raising laying chickens- by the end of this class you will know what a baby chick requires in its first weeks of life, the essentials of chicken coop design, chicken first aid, poultry provisions, and much, much more!  Everything you need to know to start your own backyard chicken flock. Bring your questions and get ready for some fowl fun!

Managing Crop Diversity w/ Gabe Sachter-Smith
Learn how to effectively acquire, select, maintain, utilize and create crop diversity for incorporation into robust and dynamic farm and garden systems. The basics of population genetics, selection for regional adaptation, and plant breeding will be covered, as well as propagation techniques and considerations for both clonal and seed-based systems.

Main Stage:


Lucie Lynch

Christina Gomes


Elijah Ray and the Band of Light

The Intire Project

Paul Izak and Tubby Love (David Andrew)

Mike Love Band

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