Yoga Lineup


Yoga Zone: 9am-3:30pm


Live Music Farm Vinyasa

w/ Kelly Stern & the Love Band

Join us for a Yogarden experience through yogic movement & sound vibration.  Moving amongst the organic surroundings of Waimanalo, this vinyasa style class will dance through the whole body whilst surrounded by fruiting plants and trees! Accompanied by live musicians, we will explore this celebration of life through a new opening, a release through movement, mantra, and love.

Kelly Stern’s (ERYT-500hrs) passion for movement, artistic expression, and internal reflection began at an early age.  She has been exploring and sharing the joy of yoga for the last 13 years around the world.  With many beautiful teachers along her journey, Kelly offers elements from those teachings, as well as her own growth, in each class she leads.  Their is a vibration of love constantly happening within us and  yoga allows us to be & feel that vibration. Kelly is the co-owner of Yogarden, an organic farmer, local vegan chef (founder of Goldielocks Grinds), and a big animal lover.

Yoga Basics; Not Just For Beginners!
Daien Forrest

We are glorious beautiful beings living in physical bodies.  This basic class is for beginning to advanced yogis who wish to turn their attention more deeply inward whilst coordinating movement with breath.  Alignment and technique are emphasized as we flow mindfully through a balanced sequence of poses, always staying exquisitely present to the breath and body in this very moment.

Daien Forrest (RYT-200hrs) has been practicing yoga for decades, beginning in her early twenties. After many years of martial arts, she ordained as a zen priest and began an intense practice of meditation and bodywork at a monastery in Kalihi Valley. After completing her training, she wandered back into the world, now knowing that what she was truly seeking wasn’t found within walls or discipline. On a pilgrimage to Europe, she began sharing yoga and meditation with friends. This eventually led to a return to Oahu, where she now lives, practices, and teaches. Sharing the depth and grace of the Beloved is core to each class, along with attention to breath, alignment, and being fully present in each moment.

Flying with Friends – Intro to Acro Yoga
w/ Tara Lavery & Ki Wagar

Learn to fly with an Acro Yoga Introduction.  Covering alignment, partner trust exercises and fun partner yoga flow.

Tara has been practicing & sharing her love of yoga since 1999. As a massage therapist, yoga compliments healing herself as well as helping her clients heal. She currently teaches yin, hatha, aerial, & partner yoga.

Live Music Ashtanga Fusion Flow
w/ Dulcinea Tincher

With the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, this class will guide you through a strong dynamic flow accompanied by live music.

Dulcinea has been practicing the magic of Ashtanga, and other styles of yoga for 6 years and has been teaching the Ashtanga practice for 3 years. Dulcinea completed her 200 hour training in 2010 with Surya Yoga and Zachary Hitchcock as her primary instructor. Other inspirations have been teachers such as David Swenson and Nancy Gilgoff. Her training is specialized in the teaching and methodology of Ashtanga with a focus on Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.

Dulcinea teaches a strong yet gentle practice with emphasis on breath-by-breath movement and inward focus. All of her classes include hands on adjustments (with the use of essential oils), which promotes the muscle memory of correct alignment and breath awareness.


Restorative Yoga

w/ Nadia Fairlamb

A restorative practice is designed to promote a profound state of relaxation for our organs, glands and nervous system. These gentle postures, combined with the ethereal music of the singing crystal bowls allow you to go deep inside of yourself, where true healing and insight occurs. This powerful class calms the nervous system and will allow for deep healing and relaxation with in the body.

Nadia fell in love with yoga over 20 years ago as it helped heal a lingering illness and leg injury. She continued a deep independent practice influenced by Iyengar and Vini Yoga for several years until she met her first yoga mentor while living in the Southeast. Nadia’s yoga classes reflect her diverse training as well as her creativity and passion for dance. Her classes combine organic movement with proper technique and alignment, allowing you to feel balanced, and recharged.