Farm to Table Yoga Night


As a yogini, lover of nature and healthy foods, I was delighted to spread some love and recap a recent experience with Kelly n’ friends during one of her Yogarden farm-to-table events.

The night started by navigating to a yet unexplored (at least by me) littleIMG_5644 treasure….Green Rows Farm in Waimanalo! As I drove down the green tree-lined quiet streets that led to the farm, I couldn’t help but to admire the beauty and tranquility that this part of the island possesses. If it wasn’t for Yogarden, I would have never driven down this barely traversed road–and I certainly wouldn’t have known about the Farm.

Upon arrival I felt like I was in a fairy-tale. There were candles lining the path to the outdoor “yoga studio” under the stars. Kelly’s partner Paul sang w/ a stand up bass player(Kevin) and created live music as we practiced yoga, all while smelling the sweet smell of herbs growing and fresh, tropical unfiltered air. The beautiful backdrop of the Ko’olau Mts. beyond the forest and farm penthouse was surreal.IMG_5620

As the stars started glowing in the sky…our muscles started to swell and our bellies were ready for some food! By the time the hour or so yoga class was over, we had earned our rights to a delicious meal. And delicious it certainly was!

I don’t recall the entire menu, but the mocktail that was prepared, some type of mojito with lilikoi I think, was fantastic! The meal included a wonderful curry, and was topped off with a delicious raw pie that was served in a noni leaf. The little details were caring and well-thought of, and the food was both eclectic and uberly fresh.

My night with Kelly and Co. at the Green Rows farm will be one I will never forget. It was one of the those nights that could have been written about in a fancy travel magazine as some exclusive, exquisite dinner made fresh with a $150 per head price tag. Exquisite it was…but pretentious it was not. It was entirely local, fresh, and organic not only in the sense of the food that was both served and grown on the very grounds where we were eating, but also organic in the pure experience that Kelly created for all of us. We all knew someone (or the host), met someone, maybe traveled to a new place, and took part in something natural, wholesome, and serendipitous.